State Industrial Security Force

About SISF (Origin and Nature of Duty)

As per the GO 1st cited Govt. have accorded sanction for the formation of a separate force viz State Industrial Security Force (SISF) for providing sufficient security coverage to those Vital Institutions, Public Sectors and private sectors, Banks in Kerala, who are willing and able to pay for such security services. It was also ordered by the Govt. that the above Unit will be under the control of State Police Chief Kerala

As per the Go 2nd cited, the following post were created by Govt. for the functioning of SISF unit

Sl. No. Designation No. of Posts
1 Commandant 1
2 Chief Security Officer (in the rank of Asst. Commandant) 1
3 Security Officer (In the rank of API/RI) 1
4 Asst. Security Officer (In the rank of SI) 4
5 State Security Guard (Police Constables) 483
6 Administrative Assistant 1
7 Junior Superintendent 1
8 Clerks 8

All the above posts are to be filled up on deputation basis, from the Police Department. All the posts except 45 posts of police constables have already been filled up. Action is in progress for filling the remaining vacancies

This newly created unit is functioning at Thiruvananthapuram, near SAP Campus, Peroorkada.

Origin and Nature Of Duty

The main duties and functions of the SISF is to provide security coverage to the vital Institutions in Govt. Public/Private sector undertakings, Banks etc. who are willing to pay for such security services . The main ethics / responsibility of the SISF Guard Personnel are to give protection to the whole properties of the client organization. Considering the present law and order situation and other subversive activities carried out by antisocial extremist organizations, the banks and other vital institutions being vulnerable targets of such elements, it has become necessary to follow stringent security norms to guard the Currency Chests of Banks and vital institutions.

As per the Go 4th cited Govt. have directed all the vital institutions in Govt. and Public Sector Undertakings to make use of the personnel of the SISF for providing security in place of private guards. As such we have signed Memorandum of Undertaking with 61 institutions and provided guard.

Recruitment in SISF

All posting are to be made on deputation basis, from the Police Department (Armed Police Battalion/District Armed Reserve). Necessary willingness will be collected from the battalions and District ARs. The Commandant, SISF is maintaining a register for registering all willingness application and the personnel for posting, their availability/suitability/choice will be ascertained by the Commandant, SISF. The SISF Personnel are deployed / used only for guarding the properties of the client Organization. They should not be deployed for any other duties. If the SISF should be obtained .Necessary correspondence with the Bank and other Institution for lending of Guard personnel are to be made by the Commandant, SISF itself.

How to get the Service from SISF

The deployment of Guard personnel to an institution will be made only after signing an Memorandum of Understanding between the State Industrial Security Force (SISF) and the Institution seeking security coverage. The MoU should be prepared in stamp paper worth of Rs. 100/-.If a client organization is signing MoU with SISF to provide Armed Guard, the guard personnel should bring necessary Arms & Ammunitions from their parent unit .Other security checking equipment's like BDDS, Anti Sabotage checking equipment's etc. if any required should be provided by the client organizations. The Arms and Ammunition required for the Guard personnel on demand will be provided to the personnel by the concerned Units Head, from where the Guard personnel are posted on deputation basis

Bill of Cost for the deployment police personnel will be prepared by the Commandant SISF for every month by the 5th of the subsequent month and the Client Organization is liable to make payment within 10 days from the date of receipt of the case of default in payments over a period of 2 months, the Commandant, SISF will issue a formal notice to the authorized signatory of the Client Organization for the withdrawal of the Guard. The cost of Guard personnel/Officers will be charged according to the rates fixed by the SPC/Govt. from time to time. The amount charged as per rule will be collected in time and will be remitted to relevant accounts and monthly statement shall be submitted to the under signed by the officer in charge of SISF before 10th succeeding month

Sl. No. Rank Role
1 Commandant Supervising functions of the whole unit
2 Chief Security Officer (in the rank of Asst. Commandant) Guard Posting/Guard Checking
3 Security Officer (In the rank of API/RI) Guard Posting
4 Asst. Security Officer (In the rank of SI) Performing Guard Duty
5 State Security Guard (Police Constables) Performing Guard Duty
6 Administrative Assistant Supervising the whole Administrative functions of the unit
7 Junior Superintendent Supervision of Office Works & Staff
8 Clerks Performing all Administrative Works of the Unit

Nature of Duty

The main duties and functions of the SISF is to provide security coverage to the vital Institutions in Govt. Public/Private sector undertakings Banks etc., who are willing to pay for such security services. The SISF will provide guard to the institutions round the clock in three shifts.

Other Information Related to SISF

We have posted 438 police personnel to 61 institutions including currency chests of various nationalized and private banks. Dooradarshan Kendra EKM, Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau, Nitta Gelatin India Ltd, Kerala Tourism Infrastructure Limited, Malabar Cements etc. Govt. have accorded sanction for opening of new head of account as "0055 Police 102 Police Supplied to other parties 97 Receipt on Deployment of State Industrial Security Force" for Revenue Receipts.