Jacob Punnoose IPSAfter more than three and a half decades of membership in the Indian Police Service, and in Kerala Police, I am retiring today afternoon (31/08/2012). Sri K.S.Balasubramanian IPS will take over from me as the State Police Chief and lead you further in the forward march of Kerala Police to attain higher levels of service to the nation and to the people of Kerala

Kerala Police has, through the last several decades, transformed itself attitudinally and structurally, to evolve into a far more efficient, purposive and committed force, wedded to the democratic ideals of ‘Rule of Law’ and ‘Service to Citizen’. We have striven hard to live up to the motto engraved on our emblem – “ Polite Yet Firm”. We may have not yet attained the ideal, but all of us are moving towards that goal, realising that the willing co-operation that we can elicit from the public will stand us in greater stead than guns and lathis, in ensuring security. We do need to rely on arms, when- and only when- we fail to get the co-operation of the people.

Many new institutions and practices have come into being after I joined the police family after training way back in 1976. PSC recruitment of Constabulary, Police Associations, New Uniforms, State Police Staff Councils, Kerala Police Housing Co-operative Society, Kerala Police Sports and Youth Welfare Society, Kerala Police Academy, Kerala Police Housing Construction Corporation, Schemes for Modernisation of Police Forces, Coastal Policing, India Reserve Battalions, Use of Computers, E-mail and Internet in Police Stations, Modern Police Control Rooms, Mobile Phones to Police Station Staff, Kerala State Human Rights Commission, Kerala Women’s Commission, Women Police in all Police Stations, Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems, DNA Forensic Capability, Cyber Forensic Analysis, Cyber Crime Cells, Anti Piracy Units, Commando Units, Rapid Response Rescue Force, new Kerala Police Act, Home Guards, Video Link between Jails and Courts, Highway and Rail Alerts, Jana Maithri Policing, Student Police Cadets, Kadalora Jagratha Samitis, CARE for Senior Citizens, Civil Police Cadre, Alcometers, Speed Radars, Camera Surveillance Systems, E-Challans & Bank Payments, Digital Virtual Queue at Sabarimala, Grade Rank at all Levels, Central Police Canteen, vast improvements in Pay, Promotions and Salaries, State Security Commission, Kerala Police Welfare Board, Police Establishment Board, Internal Security Wing, State Police Complaints Authority, etc are some among them. Generations of officers and successive Governments have contributed towards all these. Put together they have altered the nature and content of policing. This is the way we have responded to the changes that have been taking place all around us, to which we cannot remain mute witnesses.

Simultaneously we have achieved professional standards which would be the envy of many developed western countries. The rate of incidence of crimes like murder in Kerala is among the lowest in the world and has actually come down significantly in the past three decades. Our clearance rate for reported crimes now stands at a record 96%. And our conviction rate at over 60 % is the highest in India. And in Law and Order, we have consistently been judged among the best. We have been able to achieve this because of the unstinted support of governments and the co-operation and vigilance exercised by the people and the media.

But we cannot rest; nor can we be complacent. The future is full of challenges – both known and unknown. But given our discipline, commitment and spirit of innovation, we will definitely be able to overcome these challenges with the support of the people and the Governments chosen by them. For this we must seek the co-operation of the people and strengthen our relationship with them. It is our duty to protect the life, property and dignity of each and all. In doing this we must strive to instil a sense of security in them. Our energy, our equipments, our arms and our professional skills must remain focussed on this goal. By being professional policemen we must become their friends. This must be our constant endeavour so that each citizen is able to enjoy every right guaranteed to him under our Constitution.

I am sure that in the years to come, under the stewardship of the leaders of this State and the Force, Kerala Police will attain greater heights of excellence and professionalism. I am happy that I have been able to be part of this onward march for thirty five years. Each and every one among you has helped me and co-operated with me in myriad tasks. I owe a debt of gratitude to each of you and many others who have either retired or are no longer with us. I thank you earnestly and wish each of you all the best in your professional and personal lives.


Jacob Punnoose IPS,
Indian Police Service (1975 RR),
State Police Chief, Kerala (01-12-2008 to 31-08-2012)