Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS)


The CCTNS project is an advance software application which would empower the police organizations and take policing to the next levels. Policing being a State Subject, the role of the Centre is limited to funding / playing a facilitative role and hence the success of this project depends on our active involvement and support.

The Planning Commission of India has included CCTNS costs in the XI five year plan (2007-2012)


  • CCTNS connects and shares information/data on crime and criminal throughout the State and country, thereby strengthening the information base of the Investigating officers.
  • CCTNS will create a national data bank of crime and criminals and their biometric profiles. This database will have a handshake with databases of other agencies of the criminal justice system like Courts, Jails, Immigration, Passport authorities, Forensic Labs, Transport department, mobile companies, central agencies etc. in a phased manner.
  • All the States and Union Territories have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and have created the governance structure and the state designated agency for the project, which would help in undertaking the project initiation and management activities at the State Level.

Present status of the CCTNS Project in Kerala

  • The Project Implementation Report (PIM) submitted by Kerala approved by MHA (F.NO.22011/23(19)/2010-SR, Government of India, Ministry of Home affairs, New Delhi, 15th February, 2011).
  • Request for Proposal for the selection of System Integrator is approved by Govt. of Kerala on 24/06/2011 and the same is available on the official website of Kerala Police from 27.06.2011.

Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) signed

  • The State Empowered Committee on 16-11-2011 approved M/s TCS Ltd as best bidder. Govt. accorded sanction vide GO (Rt) No.10/2012/Home dated 3/1/2012 for Rs. 4038.72 lakhs
  • Letter of Intent(LOI) issued to M/s TCS Ltd. on 09.01.2012
  • Master Service Agreement (MSA)and Service Level Agreement (SLA) signed on 10-04-2012 between Kerala Police and M/s TCS Ltd.
  • Total Contract amount  is Rs. 4670.43 lakhs (One year Implementation
    and 5 year post implementation charges)
    The work includes:-
      • Site preparation at CCTNS locations ( PSs, CI Offices, SDPOs, DPOs, FPBx etc).
      • Procurement, Deployment and Commissioning of IT Infrastructure at CCTNS  locations
      • Network connectivity with creation of LAN CCTNS locations
      • Data migration and Digitization of Historical Data.
      • Capacity building. (Roll out Training)

Piloting of CCTNS Core Application Software by SDA

Kerala is one among the three pilot states selected for CCTNS project implementation (Other states are UP and Assam).

Locations are :- 

3 Police Stations  & 2 Higher Offices 

  • Parassala PS (Thiruvananthapuram Rural)
  • Kattappana PS (Idukki)
  • Ernakulam Central PS (Kochi City)
  • SCRB, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram
  • District Police Office, Thiruvananthapuram Rural

Under the guidance of Software Developing Agency (SDA) viz M/s Wipro Ltd, the Intensive Field Testing /User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the Core Application Software (CAS) in online started from all pilot locations from 13/02/2012 and the same is going on.   


Achievements of Kerala State with respect to CCTNS Project

  1. Maximum Utilization of Funds – 24%
  2. Maximum personnel trained on basic Computer operations
      • 13626 personnel from CCTNS funds &
      • 18625 personnel from other funds at Police Training College & Kerala Police Academy
      • Total – 32251 personnel trained
      • Achieved - 62 %. (Target of MHA - 42%)
  3. 25 CCTNS Training Centers have been completed out of the 26 Centers allotted.
  4. Selection of System Integrator (SI) – MSA & SLA signed on 10/04/2012
  5. Signed Service Level Agreement (SLA) with BSNL Kerala Circle on 09/01/2012
  6. Kerala State is one of the 3 Pilot States selected for CCTNS Project implementation.
  7. IGP SCRB Kerala is also included as a Member of the Process Advisory Group (PAG) constituted by MHA and headed by Additional Secretary (CS), MHA. 14 meetings attended at MHA/NCRB in 2011 and 2012.

Actions Planned

  1. Place order for delivery of Hardware and deployment of the same across all identified locations.
  2. Site preparation for identified locations
  3. Data digitization of legacy data of past 10 years (or as required in the RFP/Contract document) using existing hardware available in the State.        
  4. Release of Advance as per terms mentioned in RFP/Contract document.
  5. Validation of Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) and start working on the preparation of System Requirement Specifications (SRS) in consultation with various departments/divisions.